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Product Introduction

     We apply different processes to the hot rolled steel coils to produce steel products with different physical properties depending on our customers’ specifications.


  Hard steel coil



  Hard steel coil is mainly produced by cold rolling the hot rolled steel coils which have undergone the pickling process for removal of impurities. Hot rolled steel coils are being put through the cold rolling process in order to increase thickness tolerances,improve strength and get uniform thickness.


  Unpainted galvanized steel products




  Our main product is unpainted galvanized steel products which are produced by processing hard steel coil through the hot-dip galvanization process for zinc coating in order to prevent rusting. We have amalgamated the processes of annealing, hot-dip galvanization, polishing, levelling and single-sided embossing to form our hot-dip galvanization line. Single-sided embossing is optional if our customers require the products to have patterns embossed on one side of the products.


  Painted galvanized steel products



  Unpainted galvanized steel coils undergo the process of colour coating treatment to form painted galvanized steel coils. Painted galvanized steel coils may be put through the single-sided or double-sided embossing process according to customers' requirement.Painted galvanized steel coils then go through the slitting and cutting process to produce painted galvanized steel products in sheet form in specific lengths according to customers’ requirements. The colour coating process provides better appearance and a non-corrosive surface to the products.